MacLeod Farms is a family run business specializing in the production of quality Vermont Maple Products.  MacLeod Farms was started in 1960 by Leslie MacLeod and his wife Cassie.  They operated the farm and sugarwoods on their land in Graniteville Vermont.  There was a sugarhouse with a woodfired evaporator.  Back then, buckets were used on each maple tree to collect the sap for boiling.  Now there is plastic tubing which is used instead of buckets.  The tubes run from tree to tree and feed the sap right into the sugarhouse where it is boiled into syrup and canned.  No more gathering buckets and returning each to the sugarhouse.  Yea Ha!!!! 


    Leslie's daughter Carolyn along with her husband Martin took over operation of the Farm in 1993 with the help of their sons Anthony (Tony) and John (Matt).  They continue a proud tradition of producing quality maple products backed by the "Seal of Quality" from the Vermont Department of Agriculture including their specialty "Maple Cotton Candy".


    You'll find MacLeod Farms products at the Barre Home Show, Barre Homecoming Days, Flea Markets and many other special events in their home town of Barre.  MacLeod Farms also travels to The Mountain State Fair in Asheville, NC, The Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem, NC and The North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, NC.  Of course you can always order right on line through our web site.  Thank you and enjoy!